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Barcelona offers a wide range of interesting options all year round and opens its doors to everyone. Make the most of the sunshine to go for a stroll and take a dip in the sea on one of the city’s accessible beaches. Experience Gaudí’s nature with your hands, add a sign-language tour or an audiodescribed show to your plans… Do you need any more ideas? You’ll find them with the SEARCH FACILITY or on the SUMMARY for accessible places of interest!

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Casa Batlló 10D Experience

Casa Batlló 10D Experience

The colour and fantasy of the Casa Batlló captivates passers-by on the Passeig de Gràcia. Standing halfway up this elegant boulevard and in a strongly contrasting style to the neighbouring houses, the Casa Amatller and Casa Lleó Morera, this building reveals the splendour of an architect who was able to work on this project with total creative freedom, Antoni Gaudí.

The architect Antoni Gaudí undertook a radical refurbishment of a building in Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia dating from 1875 to create one of his boldest works. Gaudí's imaginative efforts were key to the development of the project, as was the decorative work of the artisans who collaborated with him between 1904 and 1906. A simple glance gives rise to myriad interpretations. The discs of multicoloured glazed-ceramics and broken shards of stained glass, placed with precision, depict flowers and water lilies and play with the reflections of the sunlight. This vast impressionist painting is often interpreted as the surface of the rolling sea in the heart of Passeig de Gràcia.

On the first floor of the Casa Batlló, a long sandstone balcony allows us to look inside the elegant mezzanine, while the other floors have balconies in the shape of masks. And at the top, a scaly ceramic skin and turret crowned by a four-armed cross remind us of the legend of Saint George. Inside the Casa Batlló, you can visit the mezzanine, see the ceramic skylight, the double attic space with its sequence of catenary arches, and the rooftop with its colourful mosaiced chimneys. An explosion of creative freedom where Gaudí spared no effort in creating a functional and modern house.

The Casa Batlló's innovative immersive galleries take you on a completely different journey through Gaudí's mind. New technological installations and smart devices will help you rediscover this great UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The new 10D Experience will immerse you in Gaudí's mind at the time he was creating his masterpiece. You will also feel what it is like to be a genius through technology.

General details

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 43 (08007). Barcelona
Phone: 932 160 306
Web site:
Opening time: Daily, from 9am to 8:15pm.

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Accessibility details

Gaudí’s Casa Batlló is almost fully accessible to the physically impaired, and also provides models and information that are accessible to the visually and hearing-impaired.

"Smartguide" or audioguide available in 11 languages.
Visual impairment
You’ll find the Casa Batlló on the left-hand side of the Passeig de Gràcia, as you walk in the direction of the mountain, from the Plaça Catalunya. It’s just a few metres away from Passeig de Gràcia railway station.

The audioguides have been designed to take into account the needs of visually impaired people and the texts are available in Braille.

Inside the building there is a tactile scale model of the building’s façade and a plan in relief, both of them with labels in Braille.

The ceiling height in some areas of the attic space is lower than 2.10 m and we recommend blind people are accompanied to reduce the risk of them bumping their heads.

Entrance is free for chaperones of blind people.

Guide dog Tactile elements Braille
Hearing impairment
The ticket-office windows are fitted with induction loops.

Accessible copies of the text of the Casa Batlló audioguide are available in English, Spanish and Catalan for the use of deaf people.

Motor impairment: accessible with assistance
There is a small step at the entrance to the Casa Batlló but two mobile ramps are available to assist access.

The ticket offices are accessible via a ramp but the counter is too high for wheelchair users or people with restricted growth.

The building has a small period lift that stops at every floor, except the roof, where the chimneys are located. The roof is only accessible via a spiral staircase. At the top there is a small room (the Espai de l’Aigua) which is reached by steps.

Small wheelchairs are provided for visitors using the lift.
The building doesn’t have adapted toilets.

Last update: 18/07/2023

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