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Barcelona offers a wide range of interesting options all year round and opens its doors to everyone. Make the most of the sunshine to go for a stroll and take a dip in the sea on one of the city’s accessible beaches. Experience Gaudí’s nature with your hands, add a sign-language tour or an audiodescribed show to your plans… Do you need any more ideas? You’ll find them with the SEARCH FACILITY or on the SUMMARY for accessible places of interest!

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La Pedrera

La Pedrera

The Casa Milà, popularly known as La Pedrera (Catalan for stone quarry), is a unique building designed by the architectural genius Antoni Gaudí and represents the pinnacle of his achievements. The building was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.

Known as La Pedrera due to its austere external appearance, resembling an opencast quarry, sinuous and with forms drawn from nature, it comprises two apartment blocks connected by interior courtyards and with a shared façade. Gaudí designed the building at the age of 54, when he was at the height of his powers, and it was his last piece of civil architecture which represented a break with the ways of perceiving architecture at the time.

You can visit La Pedrera during the day and night and see the building's key areas:

  • The terrace, an unusual rooftop charged with an artistic power that has nothing to do with the architecture of its day. Highlights include the stairwells and casings with their symbolic forms which have become an unmistakable feature of Gaudí's work.
  • The Espai Gaudí, is located in one of the most distinctive spaces designed by Gaudí: the attic in La Pedrera. It consists of 270 catenary arches made of flat brick and houses the only exhibition dedicated to Gaudí's life and work. It showcases the architect's creations through models and plans, objects and designs, photographs and videos.
  • The Pedrera period apartment, a recreation of an early-20th century bourgeois family apartment which gives us an insight into the way they lived, with period furniture and household equipment of the period and decorative elements designed by Gaudí.
  • The courtyards, which provide a focal point for the entire building and provide better lighting and ventilation. They were one of Gaudí's most important innovations. The inner façades of the courtyards ceased to be residual spaces and became a true spectacle of shapes, light and colours.

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General details

Address: Carrer de Provença, 261-265 (08008). Barcelona
Phone: 902 202 138
Web site:
Opening time: November 2nd - December 24th and January 4th - March 2nd: daily, from 9am to 6.30pm. Last admissions: 6pm.
  • March 3rd - November 1st and December 26th - January 3rd*: daily, from 9am to 8.30pm. Last admissions: 8pm.
    January 1st, La Pedrera will open at 11am.
  • Closed: December 25th and from 9th to 15th January

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    Accessibility details

    La Pedrera offers different services and resources for people with disabilities.

    Visitors with reduced mobility can request assistance from the staff at La Pedrera to access the different floors of the building.

    There are four types of audioguide in different languages: the general guide which is the most complete; the reduced version entitled “Highlights of La Pedrera”; an audioguide for children (aged 6 to 10); and the descriptive audioguide (recommended for blind and visually impaired visitors). The Highlights and children’s audioguides feature transcriptions for deaf and hearing-impaired visitors.

    The permanent exhibition area has three tactile models: a model of the building and two featuring architectural details. The permanent exhibition area has several tactile spaces, with interior materials and textures in the Appartment, and outside materials in the Attic. All have different tactile models of architectural and sculptural details.

    The temporary exhibitions offer visits and accessibility resources for deaf and blind visitors.

    During the temporary exhibitions La Pedrera organises activities for visitors with sensory impairment.

    For enquiries about accessibility please contact the Accessibility Service. Tel: 932 142 569

    Visual impairment

    Permanent exhibition:

    La Pedrera has a descriptive audioguide for blind and visually impaired visitors. It is available from the audioguide desk (4 €).

    Each floor that is open to visitors has a visual and tactile map showing the location and the itinerary of the visit. These maps are three-dimensional and feature raised and Braille lettering. The maps are located on the ground floor in the courtyard, the Pati de Provença; the Espai Gaudí exhibition space in the attic; in the period apartment on the fourth floor and on the rooftop.

    In the courtyard of Provença is the scale model of the building, which allows to understand the shapes and volumes of La Pedrera.

    The Espai Gaudí in the attic has three tactile models of the building: a stairwell, a balcony with its wrought-iron railings and a group of chimneys.

    During the tour visitors can touch some of the architectural and decorative elements that will help them understand the construction and details of La Pedrera: catenary arches, doors, benches, etc.

    Please note: In the attic space, visitors should take care not to bump into the catenary arches. The rooftop has an uneven surface, with many changes in level and irregular steps. We recommend visually impaired visitors are accompanied due to the characteristics and layout of the building.

    Temporary exhibitions:

    Exhibition handouts in large print and Braille.

    Telescopic glasses can be loaned from the reception desk and magnifying glasses are available in the reading area.

    La Pedrera organises guided tours for blind and visually impaired visitors. See Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

    The exhibitions have tactile areas and exhibits.

    Guide dog Tactile elements Braille Audiodescription Optical aids and large-print
    Hearing impairment

    A file is available featuring a transcript of the Highlights and children’s audioguide. These files are available from the audioguide desk.

    You can request an induction loop necklace with the audioguide.

    La Pedrera runs lipspeaking-interpreted and sign-language tours. See the website for details.

    Induction loop Sign language
    Motor impairment: accessible with assistance

    Wheelchair users are accompanied at all times by a member of staff when using the adapted lifts to access the different floors of the building.

    Main gallery: The mezzanine floor hosts temporary exhibitions and is accessed via the lift from the main entrance on the Passeig de Gràcia. Members of staff are on hand to help wheelchair users into and out of the lift. There is a platform lift inside the gallery to overcome the differences in level between the reception area and the exhibition space.

    Espai Gaudí and period apartment: The Espai Gaudí in the attic features the permanent exhibition. It has a number of ramps of the correct dimensions attached to the wall. The period apartment can be visited without any difficulty by wheelchair users.

    Rooftop: The rooftop is accessible by lift. It is an impressive space but has many different levels and steps. However, wheelchair users can view the area from a metal platform of approximately 2 x 2 metres outside the lift. From here they can enjoy a general view of the rooftop with its characteristic chimneys and stairwells.

    Auditorium: The auditorium in the basement, where the stables were once located, is reached via a steeply sloping ramp.

    Shop and bookstore: The shop and bookstore can be accessed from the interior courtyard. The entrance to the shop from Carrer Provença has four steps.

    Adapted toilets: There is an adapted toilet cubicle on the ground floor that complies with the necessary specifications.

    Cognitive impairment
    Visits can be tailored to the special needs of specific groups. Contact La Pedrera beforehand.

    Last update: 08/11/2013

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